Environmental, Social & Governance / Corporate Social Responsibility

Pro Informatik is committed to Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the following topics:


Pro Informatik is committed to environmentally-friendly behaviour and has been running a paperless office organisation since 2009. We reduce our CO2 emissions as far as this is economically feasible.

Social responsibility

Pro Informatik assumes social responsibility, pays market-compliant wages and will not pay or accepted bribes of any kind.

Ethical responsibility

Pro Informatik does not accept gender discrimination, sexual harassment at work and does not support child labour of any kind.

Memberships / Secondary appointments

Memberships in political parties, religious associations, etc., combined with the holding a role within these institutions during working hours, require the explicit approval of the board of directors. Pro Informatik does not accept active membership recruitment for the above-mentioned institutions, associations, etc., during working hours and/or breaks at the office.